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Feb 12, 2020
Mar 16, 2020

Takoja Retreat - Open Applications

Takoja Institute

Image Credit: Reading Climate Futures by  Adriene Jenik  from 2018 Takoja Retreat

Programming call for Artists and Scholars

The Takoja Institute firmly believes in building sustainable communities and inspiring individuals to be the seeds for future generations. With respect to this, the theme for this year’s annual Takoja Retreat is The Anthropocene: Resonating with Mother Earth. The Anthropocene (adj.) is the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. With respect to this critical point in our history wherein humans are impacting natural systems on a global scale, we are interested in hands-on workshops and scholarly talks that address the following considerations:

How can we create a more sustainable future as a society and on a daily, individual scale? 

How do we reconstitute the ‘end of the world’ rhetoric associated with climate change towards more proactive solutions and livable futures? 

How can we make lifestyle changes and shift behaviors to return to and maintain balance with local and global ecosystems?

How do we de-center the human experience to become more inclusive of plant and animal life? 

How can we become more thoughtful and proactive in our participation involving ecologically harmful systems like capitalism, productivity, and convenience? 

About Takoja 

Takoja Institute is an artist residency and retreat center nestled on a 40+ acre sanctuary in the Sangre de Christo Mountains in northern Taos County, New Mexico. 

Takoja, A Place of Tradition- to hear and answer the call of Mother Earth.

At Takoja all religions and spiritual beliefs are welcome; in this, we see Native American rituals and practice as a medium and a language for what we call “Earth Conscious Spirituality”; where deep connections with the life, resonance, and natural systems of our planet, illuminate and teach us more about who we are.

A Place of Community- to inspire and empower growth in others.

Takoja is rooted in welcoming varying ideas, cultures and experiences so we can further understand each other and the importance of building community and strengthening family.

A Place of Sanctuary- to explore process, dialogue, and self.

Through intimate connections with nature and solitude, introspection occurs naturally at Takoja, igniting new perspectives within our spirit and aligning us with our purpose.

A Place of Healing- to experience the power and vibration of spirit.

The landscape and spectacle of Takoja act as gateways to natural medicines, which play an active role in the cleansing and healing of the soul - Nature and creativity work side by side evolving new understandings of health and wellness.

A Place of Ecology- to become aware of our place in the natural ecosystem.

Takoja is a model for environmental and social sustainability, working together as a community in supporting advocates for change - uniting people and ideas with the natural movement and energy of our planet.

About  the Takoja Retreat 

As workshop leaders, our artists create a large part of the creative experience for retreat guests. Artists are given a $150 travel stipend paid at the end of the retreat and a full waiver for the four day workshop weekend, which includes three meals a day and sleeping accommodations in the two large adobe domes ($540 value). 

Takoja is a rural environment, and does not have any studio facilities that specialize in material or processes. We are looking for artists who are creative and resourceful, who can work with the available resources that Takoja is able to provide. Keep in mind that our landscape is one of Takoja’s prized available creative resources, and we are always interested in artists who respond and work in collaboration with the landscape. Workshops should be able to accommodate 20 participants, max; not all guests may attend individual workshops. Artists are responsible for  providing their own materials and tools for workshops, however the Takoja Institute is able to cover some basic material needs, depending. Selected artists will be expected to communicate with Takoja surrounding these needs. Artists will be selected based on project feasibility, quality of proposal, and strength of past work examples. All disciplines and workshop types will be considered. Past workshops include: Plein air drawing, natural dying, contemplative forest bathing, sound healing, meditation, sustainable building techniques, ecological tarot workshops, thai massage and body-work, among others. Please feel free to browse Takoja.org to view past workshops.

How To Apply

Send the Following to info@takoja.org by Sunday, March 15 to be considered for a 2020 Artist Workshop Leader: 

  • 5-10 images of past work

  • Statement of interest that includes: workshop description, material needs for workshop, and workshop relevance to this years theme ‘Anthropocene; Resonating with Mother Earth’

  • Artist CV or biography that includes contact information (email, address, phone number) 

Timeline of Artist Notification 

Proposals due: March 15 // Artists Notified: April 15 // Payment Disbursed: July 6

Takoja Retreat: Thursday, July 2 - Sunday, July 5

*Artists may arrive a day early and depart a day later, however any additional time spent at the ranch will result in a daily fee*

Due to the Takoja Institute’s eagerness to include voices within the indigenous community, Artists and Scholars with Native American decent will be given special consideration in the application process.

Image Credit: Reading Climate Futures by Adriene Jenik from 2018 Takoja Retreat