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Atlanta, GA
Feb 11, 2020
May 10, 2020

Accepting 2020 Submissions



Floromancy is currently seeking submissions for the 2020 calendar. We are primarily interested in conversations regarding arts, culture & activism.

We celebrate the process of making in all its stages; the failures, the wins, those in-between moments when you realize you’ve been staring at the wall for 20 minutes. Consider this platform a stage for your post-it notes, sketchbooks, voice memos, and the like.

We see what an artist presents on a gallery wall or on a stage as a place holder. We are more interested in the unpolished moments before and after the public presentation.

What research are you currently doing and undoing? What conversations are you having with those you love? What does fullness, tension, timelessness, divinity mean to you? How is this connected to your output or your poetics? 

Creatives are encouraged to play and think outside their primary medium.

Send us your complete submission to info.floromancy@gmail.com or use the form here to start the conversation with us.