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Norcross, GA

Open Auditions: "The Man Who Came to Dinner" at the Lionheart Theatre Company (Non-Equity)

Lionheart Theatre Company

Open Auditions: "The Man Who Came to Dinner" by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
Directed by Scott King

Audition Dates:
- Sunday, December 1st at 4 pm
- Monday, December 2nd at 6 pm

Lionheart Theatre
10 College Street
Norcross, GA 30071

Show Dates:
- March 6-22, 2020

Audition Process and Information
Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script. No appointments needed. These are non-paid roles. Please bring a recent photo of yourself that we may keep and your resume if you have one.

Also, please be prepared to list all conflicts you will have in January and February, 2020. Rehearsals will be in the evenings on Sundays,  Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will not all be required at every rehearsal. However, required attendance will begin the second week of February.

Show Synopsis:

In this Broadway classic, it’s Christmastime, 1938 in a small Ohio town when famed author and radio personality Sheridan Whiteside comes to dine at the Stanley family home. A slip on the ice outside lands “Sherry” in the Stanley’s living room for a tumultuous, six-week convalescence, filled with high comedy, low farce, and an array of eccentric, lovable characters.

Character Breakdown – all ages are guidelines only! 

Sheridan “Sherry” Whiteside (50+): The “star” of the show. He is arrogant, occasionally very rude, but underneath, the man does have a heart. Onstage for almost the entire play. Based on the radio wit of the late 1930s Alexander Woollcott.

Maggie Cutler (25-35): Whiteside's secretary. Young, charming, very good at her job and knows how to manage the irascible Sherry.

Bert Jefferson (30-40): Newspaperman and aspiring playwright. Maggie's love interest.

Miss Preen (any age): Sheridan's nurse, long suffering, fussy, easily intimidated by the blustering Whiteside. Needs to be small enough for Banjo to pick up.

Mrs. Stanley (45-55): The lady of the house, very impressed with their illustrious guest, even when he starts berating everyone. A bit humorless.

Mr. Stanley (45-55): Wealthy factory owner, the host. Not pleased with Mr. Whiteside, especially when he starts meddling in family matters.

Mrs. McCutcheon (40+): A family friend, very anxious to meet the famous house guest.

Mrs. Dexter (40+): Another family friend, also anxious to meet the illustrious guest.

Richard Stanley (around 18): The son of the hosts, charming, sensible, enthusiastic, gets on Sherry's good side.

June Stanley (early 20s): The daughter of the hosts. Pretty, vivacious in love with the “wrong” man. Sherry approves.

John (any age): The household's ever patient servant.

Sarah (50+): The household's long suffering cook.

Dr. Bradley (50+): Sheridan's absent-minded, not terribly competent doctor. Easily intimidated.

Sandy (Mid 20s): June's beau. A union organizer, nice friendly chap.

Harriet Stanley (60s): Mr. Stanley's eccentric sister (based on Lizzie Borden).

Professor Metz (50s): A famous professor, friend of Sherry's (based on Dr. Gustav Eckstein of Cincinnati). German accent required.

Lorraine Sheldon (30s): An actress friend of Sherry's, a “femme fatale” (based on Gertrude Lawrence).

Beverley Carlton (40s): A “Bon vivant” English actor friend of Sherry's (based on Noel Coward). English accent and singing required.

Banjo (40-50): A friend of Sherry's, an outrageous actor from Hollywood (based on Groucho Marx).

Also needed: Three additional men needed to play multiple roles, radio technicians, convicts, delivery men, policemen (most are speaking parts), along with four to six choristers to sing “Silent Night.”

For more information, please contact Scott King at