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Atlanta, GA

East Lake MARTA Mural Project

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East Lake MARTA Mural Project

Submission Deadline : September 27th

Project Summary

MARTA Artbound, in partnership with LIVING WALLS seeks an artist to create an artwork that will be translated into a public art mural at the East Lake MARTA Station. The selected artist will work in tandem with LIVING WALLS to realize their original artwork as a large scale mural. Living Walls will produce the mural alongside the selected artist. The selected artist will be responsible for creating the original artwork and painting the artwork on two walls located near the West Howard Avenue entrance of the East Lake MARTA Station. 


Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

We are seeking artists or collaborative artist teams who can make a commitment to working in Atlanta as necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of this project. 

  • Eligible applicants will be artists who work primarily in paint or aerosol. 

  • Must have past experience creating large scale work and show a history of artistic merit demonstrated in a strong portfolio of past work.

  • Experience in community-engaged art processes and research

  • Ability to create site-specific artwork that is responsive to the opportunities and constraints of the site 

  • Ability to create work that engages a wide audience. 

  • Creativity in community engagement approach 

  • Local, National and International artists are eligible.

*Artists’ references will be reviewed to assure they are able to collaborate and communicate creatively with community members and project team members. Artist will be Required to meet with the community once (1) and should have an understanding of the surrounding area. Artist will be able to work with LIVING WALLS staff to have at least two to four (2-4) meetings about the mural. Artist will show rigor in meeting dates and deadlines.



The project is funded by MARTA and Produced by LIVING WALLS. This project will deliver the selected artist with a $10,000 artist fee. This artist fee will cover the creation of the artwork and labor of the actualized mural. It will also cover artist time in consultation/revision meetings with MARTA & LIVING WALLS as well as a community engagement process. This process will consist of one community meeting between the dates of October 5th - 11th. 

Artist materials, paint and equipment will be provided by MARTA and LIVING WALLS. Artists will be equipped with one competent project manager and artist assistant.

  • Accommodation and travel expenses will NOT be provided.


Project Goals 

  • Commission an exciting and visually stunning new artwork that will capture the public’s imagination and create a landmark that feels inclusive and timeless.

  • Provide a significant public artwork that is representational to the surrounding area or community.

  • Create a connection or destination between communities along West Howard Avenue.


Required Submittals 

Letter of intent

  • Includes a general artist statement (100 words minimum)

  • Statement of Purpose describing a general approach to the design for East Lake MARTA mural. (150 Word Minimum) 

  • 10 - 20 images of past completed work that you consider relevant to this project. Digital images must be JPEG files and must be no more than 300dpi and no larger than 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. Each image must be unlocked and downloadable for viewing

  • Images must include the following information: Image name, Artist’s name Title of artwork, Location, Date of Completion, Public Art Budget Medium and Dimensions Brief description 

  •  CV/Resume/website links with current contact information.

  • Two references 

** All above requests must be presented in a single PDF file. 

The evaluation of artist / team qualifications will be based a review of completed works, works in progress or as otherwise described in curatorial writings, critiques, articles or other publications.

Click here for full project submission requirements or to apply online.