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Orlando, FL
May 16, 2019
Sep 23, 2019

Performing Arts Exchange

South Arts

The Performing Arts Exchange, or PAE, is an annual performing arts booking, showcasing and professional development conference, managed by South Arts and hosted in an eastern city each year. PAE is the primary marketplace and forum for performing arts presenting and touring – artists and work, ideas, learning and information – in the eastern US. Our purpose is to connect artists with audiences by fostering excellence in all aspects of presenting and touring the performing arts. For over 40 years, PAE has continued its long-standing commitment to:

  • Provide a marketplace for the business of presenting and touring.
  • Create opportunities to experience creative work in a variety of artistic disciplines through showcases.
  • Foster professional development and enhance artistic programming, technical knowledge, and leadership skills through professional seminars, workshops, roundtables and conversations with experts in the arts.
  • Exchange knowledge and understanding about the performing arts field through structured and informal networking opportunities.
  • Discuss current and anticipated issues affecting the performing arts field.

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