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Jobs - Full-Time
Atlanta, GA

Performing Arts Teacher

Atlanta Public Schools

John Lewis Invictus Academy is actively looking for enthusiastic teachers with experience working and preparing urban scholars for global success. Candidates should be able to demonstrate instructional competency and collaborative best practices that supports foundational student achievement with excellence.

John Lewis Invictus Academy is actively progressing toward a paperless learning organization, therefore all candidates must be comfortable and coachable to incorporate 21st century skills within instructional delivery.

If you believe you are a difference maker for the students within the Douglass cluster community, then please apply for the opportunity to join our amazing family!

Current JL Invictus Academy staff quotes,

“It is a pleasure to work in an environment in which we are supported by our administration and encouraged to do all that is pedagogically sound on behalf of our students”……..Erica Castillo 6thgrade math instructor

“Students are given multiple opportunities to be successful”……..Tara Benson IRR teacher

John Lewis Invictus Academy is looking for a self motivated Drama Teacher with the ability to ensure student success through differentiated instruction. The candidate must be able to create and maintain a climate that promotes respect, tolerance and peaceful problem solving for all students. This position reports to the Principal.

Performance Responsibilities

  • Instructs students through lectures, discussions, visual aids, and other effective teaching methods for student comprehension.
  • Prepares lessons and outlines to use in class that effectively cover the material.
  • Administers various types of assessments to monitor students performance, behavior and other issues.
  • Attends faculty meetings and training sessions.

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