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Senoia, GA

Georgia Tour Company Audition Slots Open

Georgia Tour Company

The Georgia Tour Company is looking for actor/combatants for the 3rd season of our interactive tour, Touring Dead II, Survive The Ride.  This is not a tour guide position; this is for specific performance pieces. This show is based on the famous zombie tv show shot in Senoia, GA.  Actors must be over the age of 18, have their own reliable transportation and be ok with working outside in Senoia, Georgia-heat, cold, rain or shine. These are contracted paid positions, pay depending on size of role and experience/skill set. Most will need hand to hand and small weapon skills, but we can train the right person, so please apply regardless of skill level. Tours are on Saturdays, with one Thursday a year. WE ARE SEEKING ANY AND ALL LOOK ALIKES, but specifically the following:

Ensemble:  Seeking males and females, all ages, ALL ETHNICITIES, with some stage combat experience, to play multiple roles. We need at least one Hispanic male and one African American male in the ensemble for specific roles, plus 5-6 more men and women.  You will be the most integral part of the production.  You will play multiple bad guys, both living and dead. Super fun and will be very busy.

Caucasian Male 30-50:  Leader of the survivors.  Brunette, with grey hair, longish and a bit curly. 

Caucasian Male 30-50:  Clean cut, tall, commanding voice.  Bad guy.  Wears an eye patch. 

Caucasian Male 18-25: Brunette with long hair or will to wear a wig or grow and color hair.  Must look like a thinish teenager. 

African American Female 20-30:  tough, good fighter.

African American Male 20-50: with close cut hair.  Speaks softly and carries a big stick. Quarter Staff training a plus, but will train the right person.

Caucasian Male 20-30:  Long brown hair and beard.  Looks like Jesus.  Hand to hand a plus, martial arts a BIG plus.

African American Female 20-30:  Physically fit with dread locks or willing to wear a wig.  Sword experience a plus, will train the right person.

Caucasian Male 25-40: Shaggy haired redneck, loves his crossbow and winged leather vest.

Caucasian Male 30-50:  Short hair, Good Old Boy Redneck, able to work with only one hand.

Caucasian Male 30-50:  Tall, imposing, red head with a matching mustache

African American Male 20-40: Tall and imposing, facial hair, a peace maker.

Asian-American Male 20-30:  Quick witted and fast.

Caucasian Female 20-30:  Brunette or willing to wear a wig/color hair.  A negotiator, but don’t underestimate her ability to fight.

Caucasian female 40-50:  with short grey hair, can handle herself in a fight, familiar with weapons.

Caucasian Male-30-50:  Dark brown or black hair, touch of grey in hair and in short facial hair, major bad guy, big personality.

Hispanic Female 20-30: Long brown hair, very fit, tough fighter and resourceful

Deadline for submissions is January 4th

Please submit headshot and resume, fight reel if you have one, but not necessary, to jdeestheatre@....You will be contacted to schedule an audition time for January 6th.  Absolutely no phone calls. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION- email & phone number