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Jul 24, 2020
Aug 20, 2020

Every Artist Insured: Getting & Keeping Affordable Insurance during COVID19

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The seminar is for anyone who wants to learn what all their insurance options are right now, and how to get the most bang for your buck!

This seminar will help you understand the Affordable Care Act and give you clear, step-by-step guidance on what all your insurance options are and how to get the most affordable coverage.

Available Dates: Each Thursday through August 20 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm EST

We will provide important information relevant to freelancers and the self-employed.

Find out if you’re eligible for free insurance, the $20/month plan, or subsidies.

This is an excellent opportunity for unbiased information. All attendees will be asked to complete a 3 minute online survey at the end of the session.

Attendance: RSVP only

If you RSVP, you will be sent an email before the seminar. That email will ask you to do 2 things prior to the seminar: 1. Complete a registration form online at a separate link. 2. Download the software program (Zoom) that makes this online seminar possible. It's very easy (we promise!) and takes about 5 minutes to do. It is safe software for your computer. It allows you to see the information we will be discussing. You must download it in order to participate in the seminar. You must also have your phone handy for the seminar, since that's how you'll hear the audio.

Please note that we cannot provide tech support for this online seminar, so it's best to make sure everything works before the seminar begins!

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